We have an updated color & design for our Butler Church logo! You may have noticed the new church signs have already been put up outside the church! 


Similar to the logo we've had, there are four people linking hands around the cross, like our 4 congregations. The colors can represent the diversity you'll find here at Butler - different languages, cultures, ethnicities, and worship styles, where all are welcome to be part of one church family together, centered around Christ. 

Our Mission
Our mission is to be a Christ-centered multicultural church family in Southeast Fresno reconciling men and women to God and to each other in our community and the world.


Our Purposes
At Butler Church, we have committed ourselves to the advancement of the following core purposes, which you can see reflected in the ancient church in Acts 2:42-47:


Mission – reaching the lost
Magnify – exalting God together
Membership – encouraging one another
Maturity – building up the body
Ministry – equipping saints to serve


All that we do in ministry will be to intentionally fulfill these mandates by God to the church. Read Matthew 28:18-20 and Matthew 22:37-40 for Jesus’ Great Commandments to the church.


We are committed to following Jesus Christ.
We will continue to teach and firmly believe that Jesus Christ is the Savior who came to give new life to all who place their faith in Him. We will strive to become a church that honors God in what we believe, and how we behave. It is our strong conviction that the ultimate goal of the Christian life is to transform lives from the inside out. As God’s Spirit works within the secret places of the human heart, mind, and spirit, that the way we live on the outside is evidence of God’s handiwork. Jesus said: “….I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10b NIV). We believe that following Christ is the only way to experience life to its fullest!


We are committed to forming meaningful relationships.
We sincerely hope that every person in our church forms authentic and meaningful friendships with each other. Our aim is to provide space and opportunities where we can grow closer together as we draw nearer to God. We believe that the Christian life was not meant to be lived in isolation; instead, we are called to live as a new family. We have a variety of small groups to help us to connect with others.


We are committed to being a diverse church.
We welcome different ethnicities, genders, ages and socio-economic people. We value the richness found in the differences that God has created in each of us. We have multicultural congregations that long to meet the needs of distinct language/people groups. Yet, we also are equally committed to Biblical unity as modeled by Jesus Christ. Our Sunday services reflect a commitment to unity and diversity in worship.


We are committed to our community.
We have been a part of our community in Southeast Fresno since 1957. We have been active with our food distribution to the poor, and children’s and youth programs. We cooperate with local organizations to help make Fresno a better place to live, and will to continue to work against social injustices. We believe that the church must be concerned with our own communities as well as God’s people around the world.


Our Church Affiliation
We belong to the Mennonite Brethren conference of churches.
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Our History
Butler Church began as a small group that met in various homes. As the group continued to grow, regular worship services began in January, 1956. The church started meeting in the present location - near the Mennonite Brethren seminary and Fresno Pacific University - after completion of the main worship center in 1964.


Butler experienced both numerical and spiritual growth throughout the years. In the 1990’s additional worship services with unique styles emerged. A second worship service was created, aimed at reaching the college population in Fresno. In 1992, an Asian ministry to the Lao/Khmu community began with Pastor Phone Keo Keovilay on the church campus. During this time, an outreach ministry began among the Spanish-speaking community of Southeast Fresno. By 1994 a Bible study and prayer group birthed into the Sunday AM Spanish worship service. A new vision grew of a muilticultural, multicongregational church. All groups agreed adamantly that though different in languages and cultural norms, together they would be “one” church.


Our desire to reach out has extended from our local community to countries around the world. Butler Church has had a special anointing/commission by God to send out many missionaries and teams over the years. Our first couple was commissioned in 1958, and members are currently serving in various parts of Asia, Africa, and South America as well as in North America.


Today we continue to work at serving both those who are part of Butler and our surrounding community through team-lead ministries. With a rich diversity of cultures and spoken languages within Butler, we still remain adamantly committed and unified as one local church body. We believe that God is calling us to a holistic ministry that includes serving the needs others, social justice and peace, and presenting the Good News of Jesus Christ to our neighbors. We are not called just to tell others about God’s love, instead, we are called to a life of discipleship and service to our Lord. As we trust God, we believe wholeheartedly that He will transform our lives and community. Jesus promised to build His church – we participate to see His will to be done on earth, as it is in heaven.


You are invited to help us write God’s unfolding story as we minister to this generation.