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Together with our Sunday School volunteers, I would like to encourage you to have Church at Home during this virus. Perhaps call it Jesus and Jammies! This is something you can do with your kids early in the morning or before bed at night.  Resources are available below!


Please know we are praying for you and your child/children. We miss you all and I can't wait to be together again soon!  ❤️  Teacher Maria 


This week's Big Idea is Jesus invites us to be in his love. 

In Preschool our Big Idea for the month is We can pray every day!  


Lesson plan for this week:

Week 5 - Arise - Grades 3-5.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [279.8 KB]

Helpful Links!

Blog for Parents : Lesson Plans, Craft Ideas, and more 

John Arise series videos on YouTube  

It is our hope that the resources on this page will empower parents to take an even more active role in the spiritual training of their children. If you would like a printed copy of the lessons or supplies for the suggested crafts, please contact make and we can make arrangements on how to get it to you.


I hope to get in touch with each family by phone or even video over the coming days. You are always welcome to contact me directly, too!  


Maria  Galvan, Children's Ministry Director